Benefits of Independent Villa

Benefits of Independent Villa

One of the most important and basic reason why purchase Independent luxury Villa to live is, you shall get ownership rights on the plot on which the house is build.  It is true in present scenario independent villas are somewhat costly as compared to apartment of same segment. It is because now on that particular plot only one house is being constructed. There are too many Benefits of  Independent Villa but some are listed hereunder 

Benefits of a Villa

1. Plot Ownership

Here with house, buyer also get the ownership rights on the plot on which the villa is constructed. The meaning of this is, owner of the property will be having all rights on the roof of the house. Here owner is free and can construct a floor on the roof of the house.

2. Complete Safety

Being the single floor house, it is quite safe as no one else other than the owner of the property has access on the property to be used as a passage. It is not a common passage rather a completely private occupancy.

3. Total Privacy

As no on eels has access to the property to use as a passage means the privacy of the owner of the property is completely honored. Residents of the property are the only persons who can use the property hence they can feel secured in a luxury independent villa.

4. Rights on the Staircase

In an apartment, normally staircase or lifts are common for all the apartments on all the floors. In a Villa, staircase are the sole property o the owner of the villas means, no one else can use the staircase of the villa. The problem of cleaning the staircase in apartments is a big problem which not a problem in villas.

5. Rights on the Rooftop

Owner has all the rights on the roof of the villa. If in future owner wants to construct a floor on the roof, he only needs to get approvals from the authorities to construct a floor under pre-defined guidelines. Once he gat the approvals /NOC from authorized govt body, owner is free to construct the floor on the rooftop.

6. No Parking problem

Normally in independent villas, porch / car parking space is separately available inside the boundary. Owner can park his vehicle in his private parking space. Generally, in apartments it is also available but in any open parkin g space where security of vehicle might be a risk.

7. Return on Investment

Generally, Villas are expensive as compared to any apartment of same specifications. Resale value of Vilas are again much higher as compared to any apartment. Appreciation on investment is normally quite high for villas. Example, resale value of 3 BHK Villa will be much higher as compared to 3 BHK apartment of same area.

8. Symmetry in Front Elevation

In any housing society like Prakash Residency, front elevation of the villas remains common. It looks beautiful when seeing from front of from the side.

9. Pride in living

It always gives sense of happiness when living in some good housing societies like Prakash City or Prakash County. When it is a Villa then this happiness gets multiplied. Living in a Villas has become the pride symbol.

10. Relaxed life

Every time no need to take stairs or a lift for reaching home. Villa are located at ground floor hence residents lives comfortably there. Only if required, use staircase to go to rooftop.

During this pandemic time, using lifts to reach an apartment was the most dangerous situation as no one knows who previously have used this lift. People, living in a villa were certainly safer as compared to the residents living in muti-story buildings

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