Investing in Property in Kashipur

Why You Should Consider Investing in Property

Why You Should Consider Investing in Property

If you’re thinking of investing in a property like a Villa, Duplex or an Independent floor, there are few things you should consider before jumping into the decision. Property can be a great investment, but it’s not right for everyone. Here are few things to think about, before you make your decision. Here, in this article we are considering your final aim to invest in the property is to generate high ROI (return on investment) So, herewith we shall try to understand why you should consider investing in property with few reasons.

Reasons to Consider Investing in Property

Term investment, that can provide you with financial security and stability Here are five reasons why you should consider investing in property.

  1. Property value usually appreciate over the time.
  2. You can generate rental income from your property.
  3. You’ll have more control over your investment than other types of investments.
  4. Investing in property can be a hedge against inflation.
  5. You can leverage your investment to buy additional properties.

The Advantages of Investing in Property

There are many advantages to investing in property, including, the potential for long-term appreciation, a stable income stream, diversification of your investment portfolio. If you’re thinking about investing in property, here are some things to keep in mind- Location is the key. Look for properties in areas with strong economic fundamentals and population growth. Research the market and understand the risks involved.

Property investing is not a get-rich-quick scheme – It’s a long-term strategy that requires knowledge and discipline. You also have a clear exit strategy as a safety measure. In advance you must know when you plan to sell or refinance the property, so that you can make the most of your investment.

Always consider experienced property developer like ABD Group, having ethically high reputation as a real estate developer to help you navigate the process successfully

The Disadvantages of Investing in Property

Also, there are some disadvantages to be aware in advance before investing – If your sole purpose of investing is to generate money for any life event then always consider, Property market is bit volatile. It can go down as well as up, so you could end up losing money if you sell at the wrong time. You may need to pay for repairs and maintenance on the property, which can add up over the time. You may need to pay capital gains tax when you sell the property, depending on how much profit you make. There is always the risk that your tenant might damage the property or not pay their rent on time, which could cost you money in the long run.

Despite the risks involved, investing in property is typically a smart long-term move.

The Rewards of Investing in Property

There are many reasons to invest in property. It is a solid investment that usually appreciates in value over time. Additionally, by investing in property, you gain a tangible asset that can be used as collateral for loans or other purposes. Rental income from tenants can provide a steady stream of income, if you rent out the property.

By carefully researching the market and selecting the right properties, you can maximize your chances of success while minimizing risk.

When is the Best Time to Invest in Property?

When it comes to investing in property, timing is everything. While there’s no one perfect time to invest, there are certain times when the market conditions are more favourable for buyers.

In general, the best time to invest in property is when prices are low and demand is high. Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering whether now is the right time to buy. Property values are cyclical – They go up and down over time, so if you can wait for the perfect time to buy, it would be good. The key is to buy when prices are at a point where you feel comfortable making an investment, particularly for you.

Mortgage rates fluctuate – Keep an eye on interest rates, as they can have a big impact on your monthly payments. Mortgage rates are currently at historic lows, so now could be a great time to buy if you qualify for a loan.

Your personal financial situation – Take a good hard look at your finances before buying anything – do you have enough saved up for a down payment? Can you comfortably afford the monthly payments? It’s important to be honest with yourself about what you can realistically afford before making any commitments

But the experience says every time is the best to invest in property. It is very rare, tomorrow you can get the property in same price as was yesterday. Chances are very high, the cost would have increased.

How to Get Started Investing in Property

Are you wondering how to get started investing in property? It’s not as complicated as you might think! This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process step-by-step, from finding the right investment property to closing the deal. By following these tips, you can make a sound investment that will pay off for years to come So let’s get started!


So, now, if you’re considering investing in property, there are a few key things you should keep in mind

 1.  Investing in property is a smart long-term move that can help you build significant wealth over the time.

 2.  There are a number of different ways to get started investing in property, so you can find an approach that best suits your needs and goals.

 3. Remember that the biggest key to success with property investing is doing your homework and carefully evaluating each potential investment before making a commitment.

 4. Always search for the honest and trusted real estate developer before coming on a decision. Even if you have considered all points briefed above carefully and are satisfied with your homework but if the property developer, from which you are going to close the deal is not good or the location, you are willing to invest is not good then be sure you are very close to dump your hard-earned money and buying headache..

Ashish Builders and Developers in Kashipur has proved itself as the most trusted property developer in Kashipur. In last 20 years, it has earned lots of respect and faith of 1000s of satisfied customers in the region.

Prakash City, Prakash Residency, Prakash County, Prakash Harmony and many other housing societies, developed by ABD Group are still considered the best in the region.

ABD Group’s new more than 25 Acre project with the name PRAKAS NILAYAM is now the hot topic in the city and investors have started investing in this residential society. 

So, finally best of luck and our heartiest congratulations to you for thinking to purchase a house for your lovely family.   Thank you.

Benefits of Independent Villa

Benefits of Independent luxury Villa

Benefits of Independent Villa

One of the most important and basic reason why purchase Independent luxury Villa to live is, you shall get ownership rights on the plot on which the house is build.  It is true in present scenario independent villas are somewhat costly as compared to apartment of same segment. It is because now on that particular plot only one house is being constructed. There are too many Benefits of  Independent Villa but some are listed hereunder 

Benefits of a Villa

1. Plot Ownership

Here with house, buyer also get the ownership rights on the plot on which the villa is constructed. The meaning of this is, owner of the property will be having all rights on the roof of the house. Here owner is free and can construct a floor on the roof of the house.

2. Complete Safety

Being the single floor house, it is quite safe as no one else other than the owner of the property has access on the property to be used as a passage. It is not a common passage rather a completely private occupancy.

3. Total Privacy

As no on eels has access to the property to use as a passage means the privacy of the owner of the property is completely honored. Residents of the property are the only persons who can use the property hence they can feel secured in a luxury independent villa.

4. Rights on the Staircase

In an apartment, normally staircase or lifts are common for all the apartments on all the floors. In a Villa, staircase are the sole property o the owner of the villas means, no one else can use the staircase of the villa. The problem of cleaning the staircase in apartments is a big problem which not a problem in villas.

5. Rights on the Rooftop

Owner has all the rights on the roof of the villa. If in future owner wants to construct a floor on the roof, he only needs to get approvals from the authorities to construct a floor under pre-defined guidelines. Once he gat the approvals /NOC from authorized govt body, owner is free to construct the floor on the rooftop.

6. No Parking problem

Normally in independent villas, porch / car parking space is separately available inside the boundary. Owner can park his vehicle in his private parking space. Generally, in apartments it is also available but in any open parkin g space where security of vehicle might be a risk.

7. Return on Investment

Generally, Villas are expensive as compared to any apartment of same specifications. Resale value of Vilas are again much higher as compared to any apartment. Appreciation on investment is normally quite high for villas. Example, resale value of 3 BHK Villa will be much higher as compared to 3 BHK apartment of same area.

8. Symmetry in Front Elevation

In any housing society like Prakash Residency, front elevation of the villas remains common. It looks beautiful when seeing from front of from the side.

9. Pride in living

It always gives sense of happiness when living in some good housing societies like Prakash City or Prakash County. When it is a Villa then this happiness gets multiplied. Living in a Villas has become the pride symbol.

10. Relaxed life

Every time no need to take stairs or a lift for reaching home. Villa are located at ground floor hence residents lives comfortably there. Only if required, use staircase to go to rooftop.

During this pandemic time, using lifts to reach an apartment was the most dangerous situation as no one knows who previously have used this lift. People, living in a villa were certainly safer as compared to the residents living in muti-story buildings

Why to Invest in Property in Kashipur

Why to Invest in Property in Kashipur

Before understanding why to invest in Property in Kashipur, you should know something about Kashipur and its importance in the state of Uttarakhand.

What is Kashipur

Kashipur is probably one of the fast developing Industrial and education hub of Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand is one of the hilly state of India formed by parting a very big state Uttar Pradesh. As the idea itself suggest, the geography of Uttarakhand, is highly covered by the hills. One of the most important source of the income of Uttarakhand is Tourism, Agriculture, wild life and wood.

Again, Tourism cannot be considered a whole time Industry and it is seasoned game. That’s why Uttarakhand also require some regular sources of Income. Industries are the good source of higher regular income for any state to manage its expenses and running government policies. Industries not only plays a part in the financial term but also play a good role in employment and local development of the region.

Geography and Importance of Kashipur

Geographically, Kashipur, falls in plain area of Uttarakhand with a highly fertile land with good source of water. It is very close to National Capital, Delhi and the distance is approximately 200 KM. In mid 80s when Uttarakhand was not in the map, Uttar Pradesh government started developing Kashipur as the Industrial city of Uttara Pradesh. During that time some very renowned business houses sated their manufacturing plants in the area and were like SURYA ROSHNI, Indian Glycol Ltd, SRF, Pasupati Acrylon, KVS Steels, INDOSTAR Steels and Textile, Devarpan Food, Midas Foods and many other steel and paper plants etc.

Kashipur and Industrial Area (SIDCUL)

After formation of Uttarakhand, as briefed earlier, Kashipur was already one the most prominent Industrial Area of than Uttar Pradesh, started attracting government bodies of Uttarakhand to develop Kashipur as one of the full flagged Industrial Area of Uttarakhand. While keeping in mind, Uttarakhand Govt formed SIDCUL (State Infrastructure & Industrial Development Corporation) Kashipur to generate high revenue and more employment to cater the state’s financial needs. To attract the business houses, to setup their manufacturing units in the SIDCUL, govt gave them many rebates and facilities. Right now, many good industries are working in the SIDCUL area and helping state government in terms of revenue and employment. 

Kashipur as Education Hub

After formation of Uttarakhand, Kashipur has also emerged as the education hub of Uttarakhand. Now from schooling to higher education like Technical and Management many good Institutes are fulfilling the need of the industries in terms of highly skilled employment. Many International and local schools like DPS (Delhi Public School), G D Goenka Public school, Vision Valley, Little Scholler, Army Public School etc are helping children in their school education.

IIM (Indian Institute of Management), one of the premier management institutes in India is also serving the region as IIM Kashipur.

Gateway of Uttarakhand Hills

Kashipur, also known as gateway of Uttarakhand’s Kumaon region. Just after 20-25 Kms from Kashipur, Hilly area starts and that’s the reason, everywhere in Kashipur you shall find beautiful greenery. If you are planning to visit Badrinath Dham, then you may be passing either from Kashipur or from Rishilesh.

Tourist Place near Kashipur

Nainital is one of the most favored destination of North India and is very close to Kashipur. If you are wild life enthusiastic then famous Jim Corbett is very close to Kashipur. It is just 30 KM from the city.

Kashipur as Business City

During last one decade, Kashipur has emerged as one of the fastest growing business centre of Uttarakhand. The reason behind the growth is people have developed a good sense and attraction towards branded material. Per capita income has grown up and same time lifestyle of the residents have also changed from traditional to modern.

Easy Loan Availability

Banking sector has been completely changed and loan availability has become easier. More or less every housing society builder has tie-up with certain Banks for availability of loan to invest in the commercial or housing property in Kashipur.  

Ashish Builders and Developers is one of the most trusted builders in Kashipur which has developed commercial and many housing societies in Kashipur.

Some Best Properties in Kashipur

Some best townships, you can invest, if planning to invest in Property in Kashipur are of ABD Group

So, more or less, Kashipur has become the best location to invest in property in Kashipur. It may be for residence purpose of just as an investment for future use. Still the cost of the property in Kashipur is not high as compared to other places. One best reason s in Kashipur still there is no problem of land hence builders in Kashipur are still developing Row house villas that can be impossible to develop in big cities. You can find any type of luxury villas like 2 BHK, 3 BHK, 4 BHK, Duplex Villas in Kashipur.

Duplex Villas in Kashipur

Top 8 Reasons To Buy a Home

Top 8 Reasons to Buy a Home

It is always the priority of a family to have their own home. Having a own home is not fashion but has become a basic need of the people. But still, it is not the first priority and still comes on step 3. This is the most important reason to buy a home for the family.

From ancient past first two priorities for mankind are still Bread and Cloths to cover them and these are the most important basic needs of humans. But once these two priorities fulfils then immediately start to think for a own home where they can live comfortably and without others interference.

Few most important reasons everyone wants to have own home are

Gives Sense of Pride

In our opinion, owning a own home is the most important factor that force one to have a home for their family. Your home is like your perfect kid to whom you want to dress-up as you want. Your all emotions and creativity reflect from your home where you live. In own home you become completely free from all interferences about how to spruce up the living room or a bed room. What paint to apply on kid’s room walls or which curtains to use to cover windows.

It means based on the budget everyone is free to spruce up the interior of the home. It is also the matter of pride in the community and circle you are the part of.  

Goodbye to Rental Stress

Living in a rented house is also not a bad idea till there is no altercation between you and the property owner. But in today’s scenario when having a legal contract between property owner and the tenant regarding time to stay and increment in rent after particular time, always makes life stressful.

Increment in rent was and still is not gives much stress to people as everyone chooses the rental house according to their need and budget and also at the time of increment of the rent, their income has also been increased (Increment in salaries of service class segment) but it becomes painful to search another rental home and shift there.

Searching Home for Rent

Searching a rental home is not an easy task. On one side it is time consuming and on other side every time have to pay commissions to Property Dealers. This is really the most unpleasant scenario of searching another rental home.

Now once you get another good rental home, toughest task of shifting to new home starts. If you are not taking services of any good movers and packers service provider, packing all household materials become the most painful task for the entire family. Many things that you feel will not required in a new home either give to someone or drop out. This is really the wastage of money as either at the time of purchase, you did not give a thought of there use or not due to any reason not willing to take then to new home.

During shifting damage or theft of material is also one area which is beyond your control. You may only get to know it either at the time of unpacking or may be after a long time when find a reason to use that item.

Unavoidable Expenses During Shifting

Commission to property dealer, looking for labor, electricians or plumbers for loading and unloading or dismantling and installing during shifting, transport facility may be truck or anything like that are the common areas which demand a good quantum of money.

It is hard truth, in every new house you shift, there are many areas you are forced to purchase some new items, which in old house were already fitted but in new house are not available and most common items that falls in this list are Fans, Lights, Geysers, curtains which may or may not be required while shifting in another new rental home.

Appreciation in Value

Whenever one starts thinking to buy a home and start searching a good home to purchase, it’s a common fact, sounds difficult to buy as it is costly but it has seen the home which yesterday was looking costly but anyhow have bought has today appreciated the value in much higher rate as compared to any other financial instruments like bank FD or any. Now on one side gives confidence of having a good asset while on other side market value is continuously increasing.

Tax Benefits

Government always gives tax benefits to home buyers who bought the house against Home Loan. It gives tax deductions on Principal and Interest paid by the homebuyers while furnishing their Income Tax Returns.

Capital Gain Exclusions

In the case one has bought a home and stayed there for along time depends on the Law of the Land, income tax department, allows Capital gain exclusions criteria if one wants to sell that home which he or she bought described years before and have stayed in the home for a pre decided time period.

No increment in EMI

If buying the home on home loan, the EMI will always be same till the amortization period unless and until, you own do not want to restructure the EMI either to increase or decrease.  While on rental home, after every reset period the rent gets increased. It also helps one to become more disciplined in financial budgeting at home front.

In the light of facts defined above it is always a sensible bet to go for a own home rather than always living in a rented house. But same time while planning to buy the home, always have a cushion in financial budgeting and strictly follow the financial rules at expense front. A house also comes with many responsibilities that may require some short time sacrifices at home front but definitely after a period of time will become helpful to you and the generations.


We do hope you are convinced with the reasons defined above related to owing a home.  Now if you are planning to buy a dream home in Kashipur then ABD Group housing societies are the best to live.

Best places to live in Kashipur

Best Places to Live in Kashipur

Best Places to Live in Kashipur

Everyone wants to live in a place where his or her family can live with peace and harmony.  When selecting a house to purchase people only look for these things.

Kashipur is one of the most prominent Education and Industrial City of Uttarakhand. Now a culture of housing societies has also been developed in Kashipur. Many societies developed by ABD Group are the best places to live in Kashipur.

Tips to Buy a home in Prakash City Kashipur

Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Here we are trying to give some the tips for first time home buyers. Though these are not mandatory but still can help you a lot.

Everyone has seen the advertisements with some very beautiful photographs like House for sale, Property for sale, Luxury house for sale and many such things. We do have psychology to go through such ads. Whether we want to purchase a house or not but it always attracts us and many time such ads give us the reason and courage to plan for buying a house for the family. Without the factor whether you are a First time home buyer or already having a house, such ads make everyone impulsive to buy the home.

Owning a home is everyone’s will and also has become a necessity. But as soon as one starts thinking to purchase a house, a confusion also starts in the mind about the house to purchase. It is not a problem but a common syndrome. So, no need to worry about it. Just follow some guidelines before jumping any decision. These are not only the analysis but also the tips for First Time Home Buyers

Basic Things to understand while purchasing a home

Purchasing a house is not a routine shopping like went to market and picked one house. It’s a matter of life and future. If in hurry or in the state of confusion bought a wrong house, it will become a cause of tension for the remaining life.

So, what to do?

Before jumping any decision, it is always advisable to make a list you want from the new house, your needs and investment and budget you have for the new house.

Here you must understand the difference between Wants and the Needs you are listing for a new home.

Wants are unaccounted these may be anything including space, rooms, location, type, interior, garden or may be any thing else that may fall into luxury.

Needs are the least things the new house must have that can fulfil your immediate requirements with a provision for future lifestyle in a comfortable mode.

But it is always advisable go beyond the needs towards wants. Why? Because today what looks difficult tomorrow will become approachable as you will also get growth in your income.






Approachable Good Location

Approachable Good Location






3 BHK / 4 BHK / Duplex Villa


1 Big

1 Big




Bathroom Accessories



Living / Dining Room


Yes, Big

AC Provision

Yes (Wall and Room AC)

Yes (Wall and Room AC)

Storage Space



Washing Area



Balcony / Terrace









Financial Health Assessment

It is always advisable to list out the features you want from the new home and that list has now been prepared. Next important thing that comes now is the financial health assessment. Because purchasing a new house is a capital investment and it is always good if before jumping any decision, check it properly.

List out all liquid and equity you have including recurring long-term liabilities like Investment instruments (Insurance, SIPs, PF etc) and routine expenses like Education Fee, Monthly house hold expenses, health expenses, unforeseen expenses like travel, function etc.

Based on all this analysis you can prioritize your immediate and future requirements from a house.

Buy from a reseller or a Newly constructed house

Purchase form Reseller

It always depends on circumstances and the need of both, seller and buyer. If due to any genuine reason seller is in a hurry to sale, you may do a good bargain before finalizing the deal. But here in such condition before finalizing the deal it is always advisable to check all legal implications with the house like if it is a mortgage property? Any legal court case is pending against the property? Seller is the actual sole owner of the house? Is there any family dispute on the property? Sellers posses all the legal rights to sale the property? If any government dues are pending on the property? Etc…

Buying a old home from reseller may also require many other expenses like renovation according to your use. If this total cost of purchase and renovation and repair work is under the money you are saving as compared to purchase a new home then it may be a good idea but only if all other needs from a house are getting fulfilled.

One more thing is there if you cannot afford the burden of such renovation and repairing work then purchasing an old house is not a good idea. It is why because either you shall live in that unrepaired house or may borrow a loan for getting repair.

Chances of forgery are extremely less if purchasing a newly constructed house from any housing society builder who is following government norms to build and sale residential houses to individuals.

These houses may be bit costly but constructed in a well-planned way, defined by the Govt guidelines.  Such housing societies will have a symmetry in design and construction quality.  Interior and exterior of all the houses will be same. Normally they do not honour any request that require any exterior design change as it hurts the symmetry of construction. 

Is the Location Important

Location is the most important factor while selecting a house. Generally, you should opt the location from where schools, market, hospitals like infrastructures are in near by location. There should be a good public transportation facility available.

It should have facilities for little, growing children to play. A location where senior citizens can do morning and evening walk with comfort.

Can I let the House on Rent

If you want the rental income from house, what is the prospects of letting out the house on rent. If this is a good location and can give me a good second income then it is a good option to purchase the house. In long run rent may increase too.

Can I get higher return on my property

There two options that may give a good addition to your house…

Prompt Location

This is the location which is already developed and after a period of time will give a good return to your invested value. But one thing is for sure it will require a good investment too.  One more thing is there, chances are high it will not give good returns as you expect as it may already facing saturation and will get less people who may be interested in such high-cost residents.

Developing Location

Here chances are much higher you may get a good return on your present invested value. It is because you are purchasing it on less value as till now it is not a fully developed location but once will get fully or largely occupied, people may start taking interest in such locations. It is because still the cost of the property will not as high as the locations which are already developed and facing saturation.

So, it is always advisable before going to purchase a house, consider all the facts mentioned above. Though every time these are not correct but still at large will help you in taking a good decision.

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